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Welcome on the El Hierro Caves webpage.

These pages are aimed at all those who want to know more about the volcanic genesis of our island.

With more than 500 volcanoes, the smallest island of the Canary Islands is the island which has more volcanoes. But also underground El Hierro offers things interesting. More than 50 caves are already documented. Visit with us previously selected caves tailored to your interests and learn about its genesis and history.

Come with us inside the island and learn in our excursions all about the development of an volcanic island. Our routes are suitable for anyone and can be adapted to your wishes and preferences. Fully equipped with helmet, headlamp, knee pads and gloves (we put them on) we started the excursion. All that will be needed is proper footwear, a good mood and 6 hours of your time.

We offer standard routes and tailor-made routes. For example:

Route 1 (Cueva del Agua and Red Cave): In this walk we visit the sacred cave of the aborigines of The iron. Also the largest accessible cave called Cueva Roja. In the end we walked around the crater rim of Julan Mountain.

In Route 2 (the Meridiano Cero caves): We visit the surroundings of the Lighthouse of Orchilla and the Zero Meridian, where the three largest caves in this area are located. Finished the walk through the Cliff Cave with a spectacular view.

If you want something made to measure: In a previous conversation we presented the caves known and accessible and we can find a route to your liking.



Investigation of a new cave with pressure gauge, compass, altimeter, camera and lots of fun.

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